A few thoughts...

They say that art is subjective. What can be common looking to one person may be a masterpiece to another. We can follow all the rules of layout and trends of the day but in the end we, as artists, must follow our own vision.
I believe if we can express ourselves in ways that demand attention, we have a responsibility to not only create art, for arts sake, but to use our skills to bring light to important issues.

About me...

As an photographer I am always trying to improve my skills by pushing my comfort zones, trying out new techniques and choosing alternative subject matter. My images are varied across disciplines and I tend to be drawn to intense colour and saturation. My most recent work involved business production and virtual tour photography but I also enjoy streetscapes, landscapes, photojournalism, creative portraiture and sports action imaging.
My formal education includes Graphic Design and, interesting enough, Computer Science.
I am a member of CAPA and have shown in a couple of juried Arts Council shows, as well as, photographed events for the Langley Arts Council.
Publications include front image for Street Photography newspaper article and a 4 page spread in Canadian Camera, Winter 2015.